Taking Notes

Taking Notes

We need to take notes to recall facts and ideas we may not recall otherwise. The simple act of writing facts or ideas down could potentially help us with recalling them later.

The idea is NOT to have a concise record of the lecture…(too overwhelming!) …but to help you study better and faster with more efficiency. When the test comes you don’t want to be inundated with too much information.

Write down the most important things.

Write anything that is unfamiliar? (You may look it up later or ask about it in class.)

What relates direct to your readings. (Anything you already are familiar with can be left out of your notes thus making them less overwhelming.)

Write down: names of people, dates, theories, definitions, titles of articles, etc.

ALWAYS write down anything a professor writes on a board!

The Road to Success…

College students many of may feel as though graduation is way too far way.  The road to a college degree can be long and full of potential roadblocks.

It is important as educators that we make the journey pleasant.  We need to keep our students motivated even when they get discouraged.



The road to success!


Talking to College Students About Diversity

This is the TED Talk that I used to supplement the textbook in teaching my class about diversity.  The video is both relevant and inspiring!

When I showed the above mentioned video in class, my students really enjoyed it.  I do not tend to show many videos but this one impressed me.

As educators we need to be comfortable embracing diversity in the classroom and opening up meaningful dialog with our students.  I hope you enjoy it!

Checklist for Student Success

These ideas were generated by a students in a Student Success Seminar class.

Attend your classes every day.
Be on time for class.
Ask for help if you have questions.
Be determined.
Be passionate about school.
Be prepared & motivated.
Complete all course work.
Have a positive mind set.
Push yourself.
Set goals.
Be open-minded and open to change.
Be organized.
Speak clearly/participate in class.
Study information pertaining to your major.
Work on your time management skills.
Stay healthy.
Watch your diet.
Exercise to increase overall health.
Don’t quit!